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AAsky-tickets.com is a third-party website providing services related to American Airlines. We help you plan your vacations to some of the most trending destinations worldwide served by American Airlines and its codeshare partners. We offer frequent deals and discounts on flights. You can now plan your long-awaited holidays with us and feel at ease.

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AAsky-tickets.com is specially designed for you(our users and visitors) to help you book flight tickets, hotels, and transport services for your next big or small vacation. If you are also looking for such options, we will check the price for you and easily book flights. But before that, you must read and accept all the “Terms and conditions” mentioned below:

You, using our website, indicate that you agree and accept all our terms and procedures. The imposed terms are related to all transactions related to service reservations that occur on aasky-tickets.com.com and are subject to legal obligations.

Agreement Relevance

In the following “Terms and Conditions,” “we,” “us,”  “our,” and “ours” refer to American Airlines and its affiliates. “Their,” “user,” “your,” “you,” or “customer” is related to people who use aasky-tickets.com to obtain information, compare prices and book air tickets, make hotel reservations, and use other travel offers and packages that are shown on the website.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The terms mentioned in the following terms and conditions contain an invariable agreement between aasky-tickets.com and its visitors/users.
  2. The subsequent terms and conditions outline the restrictions, legal rights, and obligations of users when using and participating.
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  6. By visiting, surveying, or engaging in this website in other ways, and then clicking or clicking “I have read and agree to the terms of use,” it means that you declare:

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Access Authority

AAsky-tickets.com now provides you with an inclusive invalid license for the website contained in terms of use, however:

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  • Except for using the website for practical purposes, you will not make any changes or modifications to any part of the website.

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We substantially appreciate the learned property claims of others and demand the same return. The logos, text, trademarks, technologies, and content published on this website are protected by copyright, and you may not copy or reproduce these logos, technologies, brands, texts, and content for any commentary, marketing, or personal purposes.

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