What do you do after you’ve made an AA booking? Most of us, usually decide on luggage. Like, how much luggage to bring with you? And, How much is American airlines baggage policy and fee?  If you also have such questions, you should know that the airline allows baggage based on your cabin class, or charges you a baggage fee for extra if found otherwise.

In this article, you may find out about the airline’s baggage fee and policies in detail. American Airlines always offers a generous baggage policy to each category passenger. Hence, read on and find out whether you can take your all bags with you under the fare, or will there be an excess baggage fee?

Let us find out in detail!

What is the American Airlines Baggage Policy?

Bags play a really important part in your air travel. There are necessities that you need whenever flying somewhere around the world. So, you must know about the American Airlines baggage policy when flying AA. Hence, you can be prepared for what’s about to come with your journey.

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Carry-on Baggage Allowance

When you book American Airlines flights to your favorite destinations, you get to take one carry-on bag and a personal item for free with you. This is also available on Basic Economy fares.

Furthermore, AA permits a few items only as carry-on, whereas some others can only be checked. Therefore, you may read all the details carefully before moving on with your travel plans. And based on that, American Airlines carry-on baggage fees will be decided.

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Hand luggage Rules

  • The personal item must be of enough size to fit under the seat in front of yours. Furthermore, its dimensions can not exceed 18 in X 14 in X 8 in.
  • The carry-on bag should fit in your overhead bin and must not be of dimensions more than 22 in X 14 in X 9 in.
  • Your personal item can not be a jacket, umbrella, duty-free item, diaper bag or assistive device, etc.
  • The maximum weight of your bag and the personal item may not surpass 25 lbs.

However, if your bag exceeds the weight and luggage limit, you must check it. Look over the checked luggage requirements on American Airlines Reservations ahead.

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Checked baggage Allowance

From 9 November 2021, AA has made some changes to their checked luggage allowance.

Checked luggage incurs a certain fee for some travel classes, and with others, it comes free. However, with the current policy update, the baggage fees are non-refundable even if you had a free checked luggage upgrade.

So, you must be completely aware of the American airlines checked baggage fee and the related requirements. Find the checked luggage rules below and know what and how much you can take:

Checked luggage rules

  • If your trip is Transatlantic, transpacific, or Domestic, you can check up to 10 bags on AA flights.
  • However, if you are traveling to/from South America, Brazil, Central America, Mexico, or the Caribbean, you can check the maximum of 5 bags.
  • The total weight of your bags can not exceed 50 lbs, and the dimensions should not be over 62 linear inches.
  • If you are traveling the first or business class, the maximum allowed weight is 70 lbs for free bags. However, chargeable bags are 50 lbs maximum.
  • For some cabin class bookings, you don’t have to pay for up to three checked bags. But it’s only possible when you are traveling on AA-operated flights.
  • After that, you have to pay 30 USD for the first checked bag. Further, 40 USD for the second and your third and fourth cost 150 and 200 USD respectively.

Besides, you may also note that some destinations have special requirements for luggage. Hence, you need to pay American Airlines international baggage fees for traveling to these destinations with bags.

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What is The Overweight or Oversize Baggage Fee?

American Airlines has a pre-set limit for your bags, whether they are carry-on or checked bags. Therefore, you must follow their rules when taking luggage with you on flights.

So, if you are going to exceed the stated limit for the bags, you have to pay the American Airlines Overweight Baggage Fee. This fee depends on the excess weight and size. Suppose the weight exceeds 50 lbs but is within 70 lbs. In that case, you must pay 100 USD extra.

However, for luggage exceeding 70 lbs but not more than 100 lbs, the fee is 200 USD per bag. Also, some destinations won’t even accept this luggage, and Transpacific locations charge 450 USD for the same.

Moreover, if your bags exceed 100 lbs, American Airlines will not accept your bags onboard. So, make sure you take your bags on board accordingly.

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Bottom Line

There are many restrictions on taking luggage with you. Like sometimes, you must take luggage as per the airline’s rules and hence choose your bags accordingly. Furthermore, if you need any help, you can contact the American Español team. These agents work 24/7 to help you out with anything you need.

Moreover, our airline experts are also available for assistance. Hence, make sure to call our given contacts for help whenever you need it.