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How to Change name on an American Airlines ticket?

Did you enter the wrong name while booking with AA? Do not fret. American Airlines Name Change/Correction policy is designed to ensure that all passengers have a comfortable and pleasant travel experience. Similarly, the airline asks the passengers to use their complete legal names when booking flight tickets. It enables us to avoid any kind of confusion or delays at the airport.

The airline requires that passengers provide their contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers. It will make it easy for the airline to get in touch with the passengers on any occasion of changes in the travel plans. Move ahead and understand the below information to learn more about the name change policy on American Airlines.

The process to change a name on an American Airlines ticket

There are various ways available to correct your name when you make any mistake in your name at the time of reservation. The three specific ways to correct American Airlines change the name on a ticket are as follows:

The following processes are the multiple ways in which a passenger can change/correct their incorrect names on the ticket.

Way 1: Name Change/ Correction Through Official Website

It is the most common way used by passengers when it comes to amending the name through the official website. Check the following steps to know the process:

  • Visit the Official site of American Airlines.
  • Enter all the required details and sign in to your account.
  • Click on the Manage My Travel icon.
  • After that, enter all your American ticket information and press the Search button.
  • You will acquire the booking page where you can choose the flight in which you need to make the name change.
  • Click on the desired flight ticket and open it.
  • Select the icon on your screen, and you will see the Edit option.
  • Click on the Edit button and locate the option to change your flight.
  • Type your name and scroll down to save the changes.
  • Pay the applicable charges if needed.

Note: American Airlines will send you a confirmation to your given contact details. You will find the new ticket with your updated name on it.

Way 2: Name Change / Correction Through Customer Service

Some passengers do not like to change their names online due to multiple reasons. AA Enables you to directly communicate with to modify your name as per the American Airlines name change policy.

  • You need to dial the AA phone number at +1-860-364-8556 to connect with a live agent provided by the airline.
  • Further, the agent will ask you to provide the required information on the call to get your booking page, such as the PNR ticket number and the last name of the passenger.
  • Then, you will share the genuine reason to modify your name with the agent to get the name change approval.
  • The agent will start the process to add your name. You have to stay on the call until the process is done.
  • At last, the airline will give you a confirmation email regarding your name update.

Way 3: Name Change/ Correction at Airport Kiosk

American Airlines offers the name change at the kiosk. Passengers can alter their name on the reservation using a self-service device with the help of the kiosk system. Besides, you can seek help from the airport officials. You can go through the below-mentioned step-by-step guidance to use this way.

  • First, open the gadget and sign in to your account using the official web page of AA.
  • Enter your e-ticket number in the given space.
  • Open the details page of the trip and consider the on-screen prompts to get the change name option.
  • After that, rectify the name on your ticket.
  • Finally, you can print your new boarding pass with your updated name.

Note: The kiosk device at the airport is simple to use and allows the passengers to avoid the trouble of doing a long process of the name change. You can call us at +1-860-364-8556 when you are unable to use this method. The airline does not allow you to change the complete name/ transfer your ticket to another passenger.

Highlights of American Airlines’ name correction policy

Here are the following situations that you must satisfy to do the modifications in the name on your ticket.

  • AA allows you to change the last name ensuing the marriage according to American Airlines change last name rules.
  • Similarly, you can change your middle name on your ticket without changing the last name.
  • Additionally, you can even amend your nickname to the legal name on your ticket/boarding pass.
  • Passengers are able to carry out the additions to their name without amending the entire name.
  • Passengers with international travel can only change their name for three characters.
  • You can change your name with the help of AA experts when you are traveling under a partner airline such as Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, Air France, Korean Air, KLM, etc.
  • Passengers with domestic flights can only alter their names with the 006 inventory annotations.
  • The flights operated by American Airlines are applicable for the name change request.

American Airlines name change request after marriage

Passengers who recently got married and wish to change their name need to show the specific documents to initiate the name modification request as per the policy of American Airlines change name on ticket due to marriage. Similarly, this process can be done on the official website/ customer service/ or at the airport.

Types Of Changes Permitted By American Airlines

American Airlines arena name change policy enables you to modify your name subject to the following types of name change. All the types of changes mentioned below you can make on your ticket.

Add Middle Name

Passengers can add or update a middle name with ease online through the AA official website. For this, you can use mobile apps, manage booking pages, AA representatives, and phone.

Change a Last Name

You can amend your last name on your AA ticket due to the reason of marriage or divorce as per the American Airlines last name change policy. However, the airline will ask you to show your marriage certificate and the legal documents for a name change. Frequent flyers can amend their names through the airline agents under the American Airlines Frequent flyer name change policy.

Correct Spelling Mistakes

You can correct your name for up to three characters when you make any mistake in your name at the time of reservation. You can make a free name change within 24 hours of booking your American Airlines ticket.

Note: Passengers with AAdvantage status can make the free name alteration before the scheduled departure as per the American Airlines AAdvantage name change rules.

How much does it cost to change the name on an AA ticket?

AA asks you to pay an American Airlines name change fee of $75 to $500 in the event of a wrong name on your ticket. Besides, the cost of the valid name change request on AA tickets is based on the destination, flight, and travel route. It is advisable to visit the AA official website to acquire the precise details for the AA name change fee.

Can I transfer my American Flight ticket to someone else?

No. Transferring your ticket to someone else is restricted as per the rules for the American Airlines change passenger name policy. However, you can correct a few characters in your name. AA allows you to change your complete name in case of marriage/divorce by providing the legal documents to the airline. Therefore, the airline does not permit its passengers to transfer the ticket to someone else. Instead, you can revoke your American Airlines reservations and rearrange your itinerary with a new passenger name.

Final Words! 

The above information is sufficient to learn the American Airlines change name policy in detail. You can get in touch with the American Airlines customer service team at +1-860-364-8556 when you have any concerns about the name change policy and get quick assistance. The airline experts are available 24/7 to assist customers regarding their queries about name modifications.

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