American Airlines is the largest air carrier that provides scheduled flights daily to passengers worldwide. One can gather the flight services with them online at their website. When you book your travel, you can face unnecessary doubts about the journey regarding the reservation. In this situation, you can change the American Airlines flight for the destination. When you proceed with the American Airlines change flight, you need to understand the relevant rules and points. Despite all the problems, American Airlines works to provide the services as per your needs.
Let’s have a look at the following information to modify the travel and get the new travel dates of your choice at no extra charge.

How do you Change your Flight with American Airlines?

Passengers can change their travel as per their needs in different ways. Changing the travel is one of the straightforward ways that you can choose to modify the journey before the scheduled departure. Following is the detailed information on the American Airlines flight change for the preferred location.

Here are the Methods to Change the Flight

1. Method: Change the Flight Online

  • Firstly, you must access the official web page of American Airlines at
  • After that, you can acquire the My Trips icon from the home page.
  • You will find the booking portal which you need to open.
  • At there, you must enter the reservation code and the passenger’s surname.
  • When you retrieve the AA booking, you will see the list of reservations booked with American Airlines.
  • From that, choose the flight of your choice which you need to change.
  • On the menu screen, you need to select the flight change button.
  • On the next page, you can provide the new travel dates and search for the itineraries.
  • You will see the list of available flights that you need to choose.
  • Finally, pay the flight change fees and the related fare difference, if any.
  • American Airlines will provide you with the confirmation mail to you immediately.

2. Method: By the Mobile App

Sometimes, you are unable to acquire the online web page for the changes. In this case, you can use the American Airlines mobile application and download it from their online site. After that, you must log into your online account for American Airlines flight change with the correct username and password. When you access the booking details, you need to follow the on-screen instructions. American Airlines will instantly confirm the changes and provide you with an email.

3. Method: Contact Customer Service

All the passengers also have the facility to converse with the customer service team and get assistance. You need to dial the American Airlines phone number at 800-433-7300 and listen to the IVR instructions. Once you get the customer representative, you can ask for help with the flight change.

4. Method: Change Flight at the Airport

American Airlines also allows you to change the flight journey at the airport at the last minute. They understand the last-minute issues that can happen anytime. In this case, you need to reach the airport counters and ask the representative for American Airlines to change the flight fee for the changes.

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How Can I Reschedule my Flight without paying Extra?

Everyone wants to fly on a budget to enjoy the journey to the fullest. For this, there are some general tips that you need to follow to save your money while changing the trip at no extra charges/fees.

  • Change within 24 hours: Once you are aware that you need to change the trip before the scheduled departure, you can do so within 24 hours of the purchase. According to the American Airlines flight change, you don’t need to deduct any fees or charges.
  • Wait for the airlines to change: Due to some technical error, airlines need to revoke the travel for the safety of the passengers. You can wait for them to change the flight free of cost.
  • Do small changes: In the round trip, you need to make large changes to complete the booking. Therefore, you must change the single trip rather than the one way.
  • Choose standby: Rather than changing the flight journey, passengers can choose the standby option. In this, you can forfeit the current amount and pay the fees for the guaranteed seat on the next available flight on the same day.

American Airlines Flight Change Deadlines:

If you want to change your flight ticket online, you need to understand the American Airlines flight change policy and important information as follows.

  • One cannot change the basic economy flight tickets for any of the destinations.
  • You must complete the travel within one year after changing it.
  • A fare difference in the flight ticket will apply, which you need to pay.
  • Changing the trip in Europe can happen only by the price.

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How do you Deal with Flight Delays and Cancellations?

American Airlines’ goal is to depart you on time for a suitable location. But on the weather issues and other scheduled changes, you can face delays. When you find that your flight is delayed or changed, you can immediately view the itinerary in the following ways.

  • Rebook the next flight through the American Airlines app.
  • Modify or view the trip on the American Airlines website.
  • At the airport, use the kiosk machines.


American Airlines flight cancellation can be avoidable as you can now change the journey using the above process. Your first step is to check the Airline’s website for detailed information. There, you can do the American Airlines flight change for your scheduled departure.


Q.1 How much does it cost to change a flight with American Airlines?
There are no change fees for the flights operated with American Airlines. But you need to pay the fare difference. Change the flight to the same day for the same origin/destination according to the number of stops.
Q.2 Can you reschedule American flights for free?
Yes, you can change your American Airlines booking free of cost for tickets on short-haul international, domestic, and long-haul international flights. Basic economy tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable as per the airline.
Q.3 Can you change your flight to American Airlines Basic Economy?
Basic economy tickets are not allowed to change the journey to another date. However, you can cancel the booking within 24 hours for a full refund and at least 2 days before the scheduled departure.