Are you looking to travel in a group of ten or more with American Airlines? Do you have a business meeting somewhere? Or are you flying for leisure? In any case, you can get a good American Airlines group travel deal for your group. The airline will offer you a variety of services and provide you options for group vacations.

AA is a major airline in the USA and it has a prominent name in the aviation industry. Therefore, many people choose this airline as their air travel partner. Moreover, the airline’s group travel services are also over the bar. Hence, if you wish to make bookings in a group, AA will be your perfect choice.

Besides, Group travel bookings are also available for your family vacations and conferences. Hence, if you are willing to book American Airlines Group Travel tickets, first learn more about its services.

What Are The Different Types of Group Travel in American Airlines?

If you are a passenger with American Airlines Booking rest assured as you can also book group travels. Besides, the airline allows three different types of group travel. The passengers can take advantage of this excellent service without much hassle. Below are the

Book a Group Fare For Passengers Traveling Together

  • Suppose 10 or more passengers travel together from the same place to the same destination. In that case, they are eligible to book a group fare.
  • Group fares can be booked for American Airlines Oneworld customers at least 11 months in advance.
  • Only one passenger’s name can be changed free of charge per ticket within 48 hours prior to departure.
  • There is no minimum stay requirement for group bookings.

Therefore, you just need to book a group travel American Airlines will take care of the rest.

Book Regional Fares for Passengers Departing from Different Locations.

  • If ten or more travelers travel from different locations to the same destination, they are allowed to book regional fare tickets.
  • You must travel to North America, the Pacific, Europe, the Caribbean, or Latin America from locations in the U.S. and Canada.
  • You can even visit the AA official website, and make a request to know the group rates for the best fares and great pricing options.

Group travel bookings for meetings or conferences

  • When passengers call the American Airlines group travel phone number, they can get a discount. However, it’s only possible when they travel for a conference, trade show or other business meetings.
  • A minimum of 40 participants can travel together for conference discounts.
  • You can only use discount codes on the prices displayed on the website.
  • Please note that discounts are not available for non-discountable fares and Basic Economy bookings.

You just need to get in touch with the American Airlines group travel desk and they will offer you better options for traveling with your group.

What Are The Conditions For Group Bookings?

When you book group travel, you must get some benefits and there also will be some key points to understand. Here are the details:

  • If you are traveling with more than 10 people, only then AA group travel bookings are valid.
  • Another group booking can be made up to 11 months before the scheduled departure time, with a minimum of 48 hours remaining.
  • Besides, if you know you’ve made a mistake on behalf of a traveler, you can always change someone’s name on the ticket up to 48 hours before departure.
  • You can book your tour at great prices with offers and discounts for traveling to your conferences, gatherings, or group meetings.
  • The airline also has the authority to cancel any of your American Airlines group travel itinerary in case of any crisis.
  • You get seat assignments automatically, if there was a commitment.
  • Passengers can make changes to your return tickets without any hassles within a seven-day time.
  • The airline may not refund your flight tickets, but can give you flight credits, And you can use these flight credits for future group travel bookings.

Hence, if you know about these conditions in the above section, you can book your group travel trips without much worries. Also, if you have any uncertain thoughts or troubles, you can connect with one of our airline experts for immediate assistance.

Bottom Line

Booking your group travel is, therefore, not a big hassle for you. You only need to be aware of the simple statements from the airline. Besides, if you need any assistance, you can connect to an airline expert by calling the American Airlines Espanol team. The agents may assist you with everything you need and offer you unprecedented help.