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If you are pregnant and planning a trip, make reservations under flight travel for pregnant ladies. Moreover, it is generally safe for women to travel until 36 weeks. Most airlines allow pregnant ladies to take flights within domestic routes during the third trimester before the 36th week. On the other hand, some international flights eliminate the travel after 28 weeks.

Things to Keep in Mind to Book Flight Tickets For Pregnant Ladies

Generally, a pregnant lady should take a proper rest till the baby is delivered. However, if an expecting mother wishes to travel, she can book flight tickets for pregnant ladies.

One Should Keep in Mind These Important Points When Making Flight Reservations For Pregnant Ladies.

  • The booking process for pregnant ladies is the same as for regular passengers. Most airlines permit pregnant ladies to fly until 36 weeks to avoid compilations during the trip.
  • Moreover, they need to submit important documents to obtain a “Fit to Fly” certificate not more than seven days old.
  • In addition, some airlines, including American Airlines, impose certain restrictions to avoid unnecessary problems. Consequently, flights under four hours don’t allow travel for multiple or complicated pregnancies. You can make an American Airines Booking for a pregnant lady and have a safe and comfortable journey.
  • Pregnant ladies can reserve seats close to the aisle so that they can easily walk through the washrooms.
  • However, pregnant ladies have to show the medical consent certificate provided by the doctor. Most importantly, one must choose travel insurance for complete safety when flying.

What are the medical certificate requirements for a pregnant lady travel in flight?

If you have booked flights for a pregnant lady travel in flight, meet the following requirements of the medical certificate.

  • The actual number of weeks of being pregnant
  • Single or multiple pregnancies
  • The medical certificate is valid for three weeks from the date of issue.
  • Expected day of child delivery
  • The document must confirm that the state of pregnancy is normal
  • You must be physically fit to fly during travel dates
  • A medical professional must have signed the medical certificate

Passengers must note that the airline’s representative will accept the original certificate for a pregnant lady at the check-in desk.

Best Seat in Flight for Pregnant Lady

It is very important to book the best seat in flight for pregnant lady onboard to ensure complete safety. Moreover, one can contact the booking team and tell them about your travel requirements. Consequently, they will search for the most comfortable seat for a pregnant lady and ensure a safe journey. In addition, reserve a seat in the middle of the plane or a bulkhead seat and get access to extra legroom. Also, you can book an aisle seat which is easily accessible to a washroom and better for stretching your legs.

What Restrictions are There for Complicated Pregnancies?

  • As per the policy, pregnant ladies are not allowed to travel beyond 32 weeks in case of complicated pregnancies.
  • Moreover, the medical certificate from the doctor should not be more than three days before departure. It is only required during the pregnancy between the 28th and 32nd week.
  • In addition, a pregnant lady should be accompanied by a professional doctor for a medical escort.

Contact The Team for 24/7 Travel Assistance

Customers can immediately talk to the airline’s customer service team and take notes on pregnant ladies’ travel guidance. Consequently, request the team member to book flight tickets for pregnant ladies with much ease. Moreover, give a direct call on the toll-free helpline number and connect with a flight representative for 24/7 assistance.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can pregnant lady travel in flight?

Generally, it is considered safe for a pregnant lady travel in flight before 36 weeks. Moreover, it also depends on the state of your pregnancy and the health care provider’s guidance. You must check the airline’s guidelines for pregnant ladies, which might vary with different destinations and airlines. For instance, some international flights prevent the travel of a pregnant lady after 28 weeks. Most airlines permit pregnant ladies to fly within the U.S in the third trimester before the 36th week.

Can you fly internationally seven months pregnant?

Typically, pregnant women are not allowed to travel by air after 36 weeks within domestic routes. At the same time, they cannot fly after 28 to 35 weeks on international flights. Most airlines also impose certain regulations on the travel of pregnant ladies. Moreover, the decision of whether a pregnant lady should take flights depends on various factors. The best time to travel is mid-pregnancy, within 14 to 28 weeks. Therefore, you must make your travel plans when safe for you and your baby. After 28 weeks, it becomes hard to move around or even sit in the same position for a long time.

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