How to make American Airlines Seat Selection?

How Much Does Seat Selection Cost On American Airlines?

Want to turn your travel dream into a cherishable reality? If you wish wallet-friendly yet luxurious trip, then go for the American Airlines Seat Selection for your trip. The airline is a perfect choice for all flyers.

With American Airlines, you are bound to have the most amazing journey of your life. Moreover, if you select a seat in advance, you will have a delightful on-board experience. Whether you want an aisle or a window seat, you have the freedom to choose your preferred one.

Additionally, you will have to pay a fee for selecting your seat in advance. However, some exceptions are there where seat selection is included in the fare. Wish to learn more about the Seat Selection American Airlines policy? Read the blog further.

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Does American Airlines Offer Free Seat Selection?

Well, it totally depends upon the fare you have selected for your journey. Flyers may require to pay a small fee to pick their favorite seat in advance. However, the seat selection could be free if you are purchasing any superior class tickets.

The seat selection fee of the airline begins from $9 each way. This fee will vary depending upon the route you have taken and your ticket type. Moreover, if you are an AAdvantage member, the American Airlines select seats will be complimentary for you. Please note that you will get random seats on the flight if you don’t reserve seats ahead of time.

If you are traveling in a group, always prefer to book your seats in advance. It will help you to avoid sitting separately.

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What is the American Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before picking your preferred seat, you should go through the seat selection policy of this airline. Read all the related guidelines carefully to fly like an elite in the clouds. Additionally, American Airlines choose seats is a simple procedure.

Here are some of the important points related to this incredible policy.

  • You can choose your Basic Economy seat at the time of flight booking at ease. Ensure to pay the small fee for this. Otherwise, you will get a random seat on the flight.
  • If you are flying with a kid under 5 years, the airline will make you sit together. The airline will do this even if you haven’t selected the seat in advance. However, it totally depends upon the seat availability.
  • The airline will search for available seats before the day of departure and assign together seats to you.
  • For children under 15 years, the airline will try to make them sit at least beside one adult.
  • You can go for the “American airlines select your seats process for free if you have Main Cabin Extra seat. This travel class includes every available amenity for your convenience.
  • To purchase Main Cabin Extra seat, the booking charges start at $20.
  • For AAdvantage members, seat selection is free, depending upon the availability. Moreover, they can use their miles to book Main Cabin Extra seats. These seats have extra inches to make your journey more comfortable.

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How to Choose American Airlines Seats?

Willing to enhance the comfort of your trip? You must choose your desired seat well ahead of time. You can select your favorite seat while confirming your American Airlines Booking on the official site. Additionally, you can reserve your seats after the purchase of tickets.

After the confirmation of your flight, you need to go to the official site to book your seats. Moreover, you can connect with airline representatives to avail assistance regarding the seat selection procedure. Steps to book your seats are:-

  • Open the official website of American Airlines.
  • Look for the “My trips” option, and enter the necessary details in the given fields.
  • Firstly, you have to mention the first name of the flyer.
  • Secondly, insert the passenger’s last name.
  • After that, add the reference number, and select the “find reservation” option.
  • Find out the “seat selection” option on the new page.
  • Check out the seat map, and book your preferred seat easily.

Connect with the American Airlines Espanol desk if you need any assistance regarding this procedure. Call now!