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American Airlines Seat Selection and Fee

American Airlines provides low fares to multiple destinations around the globe. You can get the prevailing offers and deals online at their website and make any changes. When you make an online booking with them, you can choose the preferred seats according to the American Airlines seat selection policy and fee for your travel class and destination.

You can choose the seats anytime before the scheduled departure. They provide the facilities per your choice and the requirements on the journey. You will get a wider length seat, in-flight entertainment, meals, extra space, and much more on the travel.

You can choose the seats as soon as possible So that you will find the preferred location. We also ensure you find the exact seats you want for the journey. Therefore, you need to get the detailed information about this as follows.

What is the American Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Once you have decided to select the seats at the time of booking or after that, you must understand the relevant rules. Hence, here is the American Airlines seat selection policy, which you can see and plan the travel.

  • You have the facility to choose the preferred seats within 24 hours of the reservation to avoid any extra fees.
  • If you proceed to choose the seats after 24 hours, you need to bear the necessary fees.
  • You can also upgrade the seat from basic to premium or any higher class.
  • American Airlines seat assignment is subject to the availability and the travel class. You will get the desired seat as per the availability and the travel destination.
  • If you don’t choose any seat, airlines will allot a random seat according to the availability and the travel class.
  • You must pay the seat selection fees between $70 to $200 after the flight booking or at the airport.
  • If you acquire emergency exit seats, you must be more than 18 years of age and medically fit to tackle the emergency.
  • Although, if you have booked an American Airlines reservations with us, you must contact us to get your favorite seat.
  • They always make sure that you get the chosen seat, but the seat assignments are not guaranteed.
  • You must choose the seats during flight check-in 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • Seats are not transferable and are valid for one flight only.
  • Children travel under the age of 15 must travel with any one adult.

How do I Choose my seat on American Airlines?

Multiple options exist to choose the seat for your flight before departure. You must move to the following information to find the American Airlines seat selection ways for your destination.


    • Firstly, visit the American Airlines official website at www.aa.com.
    • There, you can choose the Manage booking handle from the web page.
    • You must enter the confirmation code and the passenger’s surname to access the booking.
  • When you find the booking, you will see the American reservations list.
  • From that, you can choose a suitable flight for the seat selection.
  • You can select the ‘seat selection’ button given under the modify list.
  • With this, you will get the seat assignment map, where you can choose from the availability on the plane.
  • You can choose seats for each of the passengers and pay the fees, if any.
  • You will easily complete the process, and American Airlines will share the confirmation message with you.
  • If there is no availability of seats, you can upgrade to the higher travel class.

By Phone Call

You can dial the American Airlines seat selection phone number at 800-433-7300 and communicate with the experts. They will enhance your knowledge and provide the best seat of your choice.

Via Mobile App

Besides the seat selection on the website, you can also pick the seats on their mobile app. For this, you need to download the mobile app from the Play Store/App Store or the website. You can log into your booking account and get the flight information. Over there, you need to choose the appropriate seats and comfortably fly to your location.

What are the Seating Options on American Airlines?

American Airlines has multiple options to book the flight seat for your destination. You can make the American Airlines seat selection in the below seat choices.

  • Flagship First:

This is the most exclusive to get the personalized experience to travel to the long-distance international flight. All the Boeings have lie-flat seats with aisle access so that you can arrive feeling refreshed.

  • Flagship Business: 

You can enjoy the special amenities and the elevated experience for a smooth arrival. American Airlines pampers you with some of the travel essentials like towels, pillow blankets, food, etc.

  • First class seats:

First-class seats have a higher level of service along with wider seats and more legroom. With this, you will find great comfort during the whole journey.

  • Business class seats:

These seats are best for shorter international flights as you can relax on the wider seats with a setback of entertainment.

  • Premium Economy Seats:

You will get adjustable leather seats with extendable feet and headrests. Premium economy seats also have the extra legroom to relax while flying.

  • Main Cabin Extra Seats:

In the main cabin, with extra seating, you will enjoy more overhead bin space and more room to stretch out. You can be the one to board the flight and adjust accordingly.

  • Main Cabin Seats:

It is more than a seat that contains everything to enjoy the flight and make the journey memorable. You can choose the free preferred seat at a favorable location.

  • Basic Economy Seats:

This is the lowest price seat of the economy class to board the short-haul domestic flights. You can see the comfortable seats but with some restrictions. American Airlines will charge a certain fee for the seat or allot a random seat for free.

How much does American Airlines Charge for Seats ?

American Airlines seat selection is one of the vital factors that passengers look for while planning their trip. Thus, to ensure that the passengers don’t get disappointed by not getting the seat of their preference, American Airlines have come up with a “Seat Selection Policy.”
Yeah!! Sounds amazing!!
As per the “Seat Selection Policy,” passengers, while reserving their flights, pick up the preferred seats based on their convenience. But the question is how.

Well, they can pick up their desired seat by navigating the seat map after accessing their respective accounts. Another condition they need to meet is that they can change their seats within 24 hours of reserving a flight.

A couple of factors are considered while determining the American Airlines seat selection fee, including the length of flight and the type of seat you wish to reserve.

The seat selection fee starts from $9 for middle seats, which upsurges when hoping for Window, aisle seats, or seats with extra legroom.

American Airlines seat selection fee while making alteration

If you are changing seats, check out the estimated fee you need to pay for basic economy.

Have a sight underneath:

  •  Middle or Center seat: $12
  •  Aisle Seat: $13

However, to book a seat, directly connect with the concerned team by dialling 1-888-526-4112. Further, you can make American Airlines seat selection via its official website or through a mobile app.

What is the “main select” on American Airlines?

American Airlines has a new fare type of the main select, which is the fully refundable economy ticket. This type of fare has additional perks that will be valuable for business travelers to enjoy the uninterrupted journey. The benefits are priority check-in, group 4 boarding, extra legroom, free same-day changes, etc.

Does American Airlines have free seat selection?

Yes, American Airlines has a free seat selection if you choose at the time of booking or anytime within 24 hours. However, AAdvantage members will get free seating and priority check-in according to their elite status. American Airlines also provides the seats automatically.

How do I Avoid Paying American Airlines for Seat Selection?

One of the best ways to avoid the seat selection fees is to join the frequent flyer program. However, as stated below, you can choose other ways to avoid paying extra fees on the American Airlines seat selection of your travel class.

  • Get the preferred seating: 

Passengers of the AAdvantage elite status can get the complimentary benefits of the preferred seating. You will get the seats for the lowest ruby tier and don’t need to pay more money for selecting the seats.

  • Main cabin extra:

If you get the main cabin seats on the elite status, you will receive more mileage points and earn the platinum or pro status. This will also include additional benefits like drinks and snacks.

  • Advantage miles payment:

Sometimes, you don’t need to use the elite status to make the payment. In this situation, you can use the AAdvantage miles for the payment, just like a cash cost. The redemption rate for every mile will be 1 percent, and the remaining balance will be credited to the mileage account.

  • Upgrade to the main plus ticket:

If you upgrade to the main plus ticket, you will be eligible for the main cabin extra and preferred seats. This extra cost will be worth it to receive the additional services.

What is the difference between an Economy and a Basic Economy?

American Airlines generally looks at the pricing, destination, and demand to determine whether to offer basic or economy seats. You can easily avail American Airlines promo codes special offer.

  • Some routes have basic economy seats, but some have both types of seats.
  • When you book with American Airlines, you need to pay extra for the economy fare as compared to others.
  • Carry-on bags are allowed on the basic economy, but checked, and carry-on both are available for the economy/main cabins.
  • In the basic economy, you can ask for the seats at the time of check-in, but economy fares can choose voluntary seats anytime before departure.
  • Entertainment and food facilities can be the same for both the classes to enjoy the travel.


With the help of the above information, you will get to know the seat selection at the time of booking or anytime after that. If you have the elite status, you can get the free services for the journey.

Apart from this, you can get through with our customer service professionals and acquire help. Our expert team will provide a detailed understanding of the American Airlines seat selection for your travel class.

AASky-Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I choose a seat after booking a flight in America?

If you have booked your flight and seat but want to change it, you can surely do so. With the American Airlines seat selection facility, you can alter your seat by performing a couple of actions. Start by visiting the official website of the American Airlines and visit the “My Trip” head. Review the flight details after providing the asked credentials, and then take the prompted actions to change seats from there.

Q. Does American Airlines automatically assign seats?

Yes, if the passenger hasn’t marked any preference, the airline assigns the seats on the basis of availability. Random seats will be provided during check-in if you skip the American Airlines seat selection process. However, it will be completely free of charge.

Q. How do I pick my seats on American Airlines?

The simplest way to select your preferred seats is by reviewing the seat map. You can select your preferred seat by either of the methods, i.e., through its mobile app or official website. To select a seat firstly access the respective mobile app, and look for your trip by visiting “Find Trip” head. Input the asked credentials and select the seat from the provided seat map.