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How to Correct The Name On An American Airlines Ticket?

Did you misspell your name while booking an AA flight? Changing or correcting names is not always an easy choice for American Airlines. However, if you know the American airlines name correction policy, you can easily correct the name on the ticket.

Besides, many airlines do not really allow name changes after booking a ticket. However, they can allow you to make minor corrections in the spelling. Well, the reason behind it is not really their policies but a well-versed reason.

In short, they really don’t wanna make potential customers lose on a great ticket price. Because some people buy tickets ahead of time and then sell them at a profit. However, AA offers flexibility over major and minor name corrections for their totally unused tickets.

Let’s read more and find out about the name correction details. Also, you can know the American airlines name change policy and even make name changes on your flights.

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What are the American Airlines Name Correction Guidelines?

If you want to make a name correction on your AA flight ticket, you can do so easily with some information about the airline. But first, you may know that the airline allows both major and minor name corrections.

Minor Corrections with Names

If you are going for American airlines minor name correction, this applies to the itineraries with American Eagle and Prime flights only. Besides, you can only make corrections in the same PNR only.

These are the major guidelines for minor corrections

  • You can not change the date of birth, gender information, and initial secure data for flight passengers.
  • Besides, you can not make corrections to the names within 24 hours of your AA flight departure.
  • You can change a letter or two in the first or last name. And you can correct it your way by providing a valid document.
  • Besides, you can also remove a prefix or suffix from your name.
  • You can make any modifications to your first name and make it completely different.

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Major corrections with names

Suppose you have American airlines booking and you misspelled a name. In that case, you need to make corrections to your name. And if they are comparatively major, you can only do so with your codeshare flights or aa One world alliance members.

Guidelines for making Major name correction

  • You can not make name corrections within 24 hours of the departure of the flights.
  • Besides, you must have a new PNR to make an appropriate name correction at a major level.
  • Your itinerary in the new PNR should be the same as flights, your origin, as well destination.
  • You can even invert the last name and first name.
  • The airline even allows you to make several possible changes to your first and last name.

This way, you can make American airlines name correction on ticket and look forward to a worry-free flight with the airline.

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How do You Make American Airlines Name Correction?

If you wish to make a name correction on the ticket, you need to follow a simple series of steps. Here are the basic steps that you must follow and correct your names online.

  • Open the official website of American Airlines.
  • Now log in to your flights using your PNR and make the necessary changes.
  • After that, you can even call the airline supervisors to get the help you need related to the name corrections.

Finally, you can pay the American airlines name correction fee and look forward to enjoying a seamless vacation with American Airlines.

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Making Ticket name corrections on American Airlines

The American airlines name correction is generally possible through the documents under the same name. Generally speaking, the airlines will offer flexibility to you for making the possible name corrections. And you just need to have that valid reason with proof in return.

Besides, if you get stuck with anything, you can simply contact one of our experts and enjoy the services of the airlines. The agents will make sure that you don’t miss anything and all your concerns get solved.