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Undoubtedly, American Airlines is one of the prevailing and the best airlines that provide the best facilities worldwide. They deliver unforgettable travel solutions to all passengers. Some situations are there when you face problems due to which you missed your flight. These circumstances are not always intentional except in any medical emergencies. In the case of an American Airlines missed flight, you don’t need to panic at all as you must find the solution.
In the given guide, you are aware of the necessary rules and regulations for missing the trip to the dream location. So to learn the major points, you can read this full article and enhance your knowledge.

What to do when you miss your American Airlines flight?

Sometimes, your flight cancellation or reaching the airport late can cause you to miss the flight. Airlines understand the situation and allow you to rebook the same flight or get back the money. By this, you must understand American Airlines’ missed flight policy to avoid any extra charges.

Points for American Airlines missed flight policy:

  • If you reach the terminal late due to natural misfortunes or any other health conditions, you don’t need to pay any costs to reschedule the flight.
  • If you arrive at the terminal late, 2 hours before the departure, American Airlines gives you a standby for the next booking.
  • Commuters who miss the flight due to their reasons then need to pay the expenses.
  • Most of the time, American Airlines shuts the check-in window 45 minutes before the flight is released at the airport.
  • Unless you have the AAdvantage elite level, then the standby option is not accessible.
  • You must remember to inform the airlines about your late arrival to make arrangements.
  • If you miss your planned journey due to a mistake by the airlines, they can adjust you immediately or credit the eligible refund.
  • Although, if you are stuck somewhere, you can connect with the customer service team.

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Before proceeding further, you must find the essential points of the missed flight policy for your destination. Following are the rules for the missed flight and connection.
If a passenger cancels or a delay causes the missed flight, you can rebook it according to the American Airlines missed flight policy without any charge, as provided below:

  • You can also apply for the eligible refund and get back the money after subtracting the appropriate fees.
  • Most American Airlines flight check-in will close 45 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • You can get the next available flight if you arrive too late after check-in.
  • After checking the bags, the standby option is unavailable, but you must have the AAdvantage Elite status.
  • There will be three options to view the missing flight and other trip changes: the American App, www.aa.com, and the kiosk machines.
  • Sometimes, you miss your flight due to your carelessness. In this case, American Airlines will not help you at all.
  • If you are traveling with your infants due to which you missed your flight, then we will help you with the necessary arrangements.
  • If the airline does not hear from you within 24 hours, you can get the relevant compensation.

What happens if you don’t show up at the Airport American Airlines?

There can be chances when you don’t show up at the airport or are unable to inform American Airlines in advance. Therefore, you need to face certain consequences for American Airlines no-show that you can find below.

  • Airlines provide a policy for the no-shows containing no information about missing the flight.
  • If you fail to check in at the airport, then prices can also vary as per the fare type, rules, destination, travel class, and other necessary information.
  • Your ticket can be marked as a no-show if you notify the airline.

How to reschedule or get a refund for an American Airlines missed flight?

When you understand the essential possibilities after missing the flight, you can rebook the same or get a refund. In the following information, you can find the process for rescheduling American Airlines’ missed flights for your destination.

Reschedule the flight online:

One of the suitable options is to make the reservation online and rebook the flight. Look at the below steps to perform according to your preferences.

  • Access the American Airlines official site at www.American.com.
  • Grab the My Trips section from the top of the home screen.
  • Enter the account details to access the itinerary by reservation code and surname.
  • When you submit the details, you can see the list of flights booked.
  • Choose the flight that you have missed and proceed further.
  • From the menu screen, choose the rebok or refund option.
  • You need to pick the new dates from the calendar and get the flights.
  • Select the preferred flight according to the prices and timings.
  • Confirm the changes as required and continue further.
  • You can obtain the confirmation message immediately in your mail.

Reschedule with the customer service:

One can also get in contact with someone on the customer service team to acquire an understanding. For this, you must reach the American Airlines missed flight phone number at 1 (800) 433-7300 and speak with them about missing the flight. When you pursue the IVR instructions, you can connect with the experts. You must provide all the problems that you are facing for missing a flight to look for the best advice.

How much does American Airlines charge for a Missed flight?

  • American Airlines travelers have a 15-minute rebooking policy for missed flights and connections or any delays of more than three hours.
  • You will be bound to pay the missed flight fees between $75 to $500 depending on the type of flight, cause, destination, etc.
  • If you have a genuine reason for the missed flight, you will receive 75 percent of the compensation from the total flight fare or get the American Airlines missed flight standby list for the travel seat.
  • If you have booked with us, we don’t deduct any taxes or other surcharges from the ticket and try to deliver the maximum refund we can.

How to Rebook American Airlines Missed Flight?

You must understand the necessary cases when you are eligible to rebook the missed flight and related connection.

Points to follow for American Airlines missed flight rebooking:

You can follow the precise below points online to enhance your knowledge.

  • Go to the “trip” section on the American Airlines website.
  • Under this, you must log into your reservation account with the correct username or the ticket number.
  • You will access the American Airlines reservations you completed once you tap the “find your trip” button.
  • Thus, you will receive a notification of the missed flight at the top of the page.
  • There, you will see the two options: rebooking or refund.
  • You can tap the “rebook” option and add the new travel dates.
  • With this, you will find the available flights on the new page.
  • You need to choose the suitable journey of your choice and rebook the same.
  • American Airlines will rebook the tickets after confirming the payment.
  • You will also get the confirmation information in your mail.

How much is the rebooking fee for an American Airlines missed flight?

When you miss your flight due to your cause, you need to pay certain fees. Here are the American Airlines missed flight fees to rebook the trip.
If you miss the itinerary for more than 3 hours of the scheduled departure, you must pay a fee of $700 as compensation.
If you are unable to catch the flight due to your reasons, then fees can be between $75 and $500 according to the ticket type, destination, and other factors.
However, passengers who don’t inform the airlines about not coming, then they forfeit the whole amount.

What are the options available if I miss my American Airlines flight?

If you find that you fall into the situation of an American Airlines missed flight, then you have several options available. You can consider the points below to enhance your travel experience.

  • You must contact customer service immediately at the airport counters.
  • You need to explain your situation to them and deliver the relevant details. Customer service are professionals in their work, and they will help you accordingly.
  • American Airlines provides you with the option of flight rebooking.
  • They can arrange for you to take the next available flight according to availability.
  • However, if there is no alternative flight available, they can ask for a standby or get back a refund.
  • They can credit the eligible refund after subtracting the fees, if any.

Does American Airlines Miss Flight Refund Status?

Yes, you can check the latest status of your missed flight refund online. You can get into your reservation account and proceed to the refund section. There, you can open the current status button and fetch the details. You will find the exact information about your American Airlines missed flight credit or refund for your booking.

After reading this information, you are clear about the missed flight and any other unexpected situation. We are available 24 hours and seven days to give you the best information for hassle-free departure and arrival.


With the help of the above information, you can now easily get rid of uncertain situations. You can acquire a new flight or ask for a refund for the missed flight with American Airlines. However, before proceeding to the terminal, you must review the latest flight status. Once you learn that you missed your flight, you immediately must contact American Airlines at 1 (800) 433-7300 to not come under the no-show policy. They are professional in their work and provide you with suitable information about AA missed flight policy and what to do next for your destination.

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