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Learn Whether American Airlines Blocking Middle Seats or Not!

Are you concerned about the question, Is American Airlines blocking middle seats? Do not give too much issue about it. It’s mainly because American Airlines has never really blocked its middle seats as a whole during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, Back in the month of April, May, and June, they limited the number of seats they could sell on planes. They capped flight capacity at 85% and blocked some middle seats to make passengers more comfortable flying in the current environment.

However, AA has already lifted this policy more than ten months before, and since then, AA passengers can expect every seat on the plane to be occupied. Meanwhile, Delta continues to provide passengers with empty middle seats until boarding. End of the month.

The airline even claims social distancing is not necessary onboard due to HEPA air filtration, downdrafts, cleaning schedules, and masking. However, they continued to block some seats to keep flight attendants at a distance. Consequently, they aren’t the whole seats.

Moreover, Flight attendants in the U.S. have limited seating, no separate seats, and flight attendants must sit next to each other. Beginning 1st of May, American Airlines will allocate these passengers whichever seats as needed.

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What was American Airlines Middle Seat Strategy last year?

What AA actually did last year was that starting May 1, the seats alongside the cabin jump were no longer black. As a result, they were offering enhanced cleaning options. Plus, they were applying mandatory guidelines for federal masks or face coverings. Besides, the airline even increased the mandates on vaccination in the USA.

All of it was possible because American Airlines middle seat C block was no longer in action. This allowed the flexibility of seat inventory to the airline. Moreover, AA converted these seats C block to Z blocked seats allowing the agents to assign them.  Here are the details!

  • Agents now do not require the permission of the flight crew to use the seats.
  • If a C block appears on the seat map, passengers can contact DOD and have it removed.
  • The changes have been briefed since April 23, the previous year, for Mainline and regional flight attendants.
  • Suppose if the flight crew is unaware of the removal of the C block, you must be courteous. Moreover, you must advise them that this policy has been changed.

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What is American Airlines Safety Notice?

If you fly on American Airlines and are two years or older, you must wear a mask when not eating or drinking. To keep items clean, disinfecting wipes and gels will be available on most international flights and some domestic flights over 900 miles.

Between flights, American Airlines disinfects the widely touched items. And all aircraft receive a weekly electrostatic spray to protect against bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Besides, American Airlines likewise uses HEPA filters. And these have been equipped on all mainline aircraft along with most regional jets to refresh the cabin air every 2 to 4 minutes.

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whether American Airlines is blocking middle seats or not!

American Airlines already ditched this approach in 2020, and now, it has been over a year since the passengers have been flying like that with the airline. So, you can understand what exactly is happening with AA flights.

Furthermore, this refers to the fact that your chances of sitting next subsequently to an unknown flyer next are higher than some of its competitors. Besides, rather than blocking seats, American Airlines now notifies the passengers when an upcoming flight appears to be full. Moreover, it even allows them to connect to a flight with more open flights (if available) for free.

AASky-Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines block off the middle seat?

American Airlines is not really blocking middle seats right now. However, it did so in early 2020, till summers. And they ditched that within a few months and began selling tickets for the full capacity since July the same year.

Which airlines are still blocking middle seats?

As the pandemic began, many major airlines were blocking middle seats. However, all the major airlines stopped blocking seats in December 2020, except for Alaska and Jetblue, which did in January 2021. So, not any airline is blocking middle seats as of now.

Does American Airlines social distancing on planes?

Yes, American Airlines ensures that there is enough space between the passengers when they are at the airport. Besides, the airline has mandate rules for wearing masks. Also, they must ensure that there is not too much crowded onboard. As a result, they ensure safe and socially distanced flights.

Which airline is best during Covid?

It’s hard to explain which airline will be the best during a pandemic. However, considering the surveys from many reputed sites, airlines like Alaska, United, and JetBlue all have offered services above average. However, Spirit has been the most disappointing one.

Is the American Airlines main cabin worth it?

Yes, it is worth it to book American Airlines main cabin seats and you can find the premium economy seats as well. Both of the seats let you enjoy superb amenities with as little payment as possible. Moreover, you can find these seats similar to the standard economy, but with more legroom.