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It’s Gonna be a Long Weekend, be Prepared for Vacations!

Memorial Day 2022 is right around the corner. As per observation, in 2022, Monday, May 30th, marks Memorial day. As a result, it’s gonna be a long weekend, including the federal holiday.

Every year’s last Monday in May marks the Memorial day to honor the people who died serving in the US military forces. In the USA, this memorial day weekend marks the beginning of summer, whereas the labor day marks the summer end.

As usual, this year’s holiday is also going to be the same. All government offices and major businesses will stay closed. Memorial Day is for those who died in the military. People come together and host events to remember those brave soldiers who died for the country.

Are Armed Forces Day, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day The Same?

No, Veterans day or Armistice day honors the people who were at war and now proudly live their days on the solstice. However, Armed Forces day celebrates the National Army of the USA. Countrymen celebrate this to honor the Army, Air Force, and Navy altogether for their unconditional service to the US citizens.

While both these days celebrate the living for their contribution, Memorial Day is a fine reminder to people about those who died for their sake. In other words, it’s to remember the sacrifice of the brave-hearted soldiers who died to defend the nation.

Are you looking forward to celebrating the history of our nation at your ancestral homes this year? Make an American airlines booking, and head over to the perfect vacation for this long weekend holiday. And when you’re already on board, do not forget to be a part of the activities in remembrance of the veterans.

What is The History of Memorial Day?

The day of remembering Martyrs, Memorial day was originally the Decoration Day. In short, it is a day to honor those who have served in the United States.

  • In the year 2012, it occurred in the New York Times magazine that around 25 different locations claimed to have started Memorial Day.
  • President Lyndon Johnson at Waterloo, New York, 1966.  Officially the birthplace of Memorial Day, the village held an event there on May 5, 1866.
  • Other informal observations are to have occurred prior to this, such as May 1, 1865 (two weeks ago). Late Civil War) rituals had held for newly freed slaves in Charleston. And fallen Union soldiers were reburied properly.
  • Although there is some controversy about the origin of the day, the first Decoration Day was celebrated on May 30, 1868, with the announcement of General Sir John A. Logan. He was a Commander-in-Chief of the Republic’s Continental Army.
  • The first official observation was that they placed Union and Confederate soldiers’ graves at Arlington National Cemetery.
  •  Pre-President USA James Garfield delivered a speech on this occasion.

History Continued

Around 5,000 individuals attended the first Memorial Day celebration at Arlington National Cemetery in 1868. Every year, about the same number of people assemble there.

All of the northern states recognized it by 1890. However, the Southern states refused to acknowledge the day. They refused to honor its fallen on separate days until the end of World War I. (that was when it changed from honoring just those who passed battling in the Civil War). Rather, they began to honor Americans who died fighting in any war).

Memorial Day first began on May 30th until 1971, when the National Holiday Act of 1971 made the final Monday in May a federal holiday.

Memorial Day 2022- Days to come!

As mentioned earlier, May 30th, 2022, is Memorial Day which is the 150th day of the calendar year. As of now, there are around 14 days until the celebration. You can come forward and honor the martyred together with your family on the day. If you need additional information, dial American airlines Espanol Telefono, and know your area of options.