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Have you recently reserved your flight with American Airlines? Then, you must be aware of the boarding criteria and the check-in process. Before starting the process, you need to consider certain points on American Airlines flight check-in, depending on the route.
Ease down your travel and get the boarding pass as soon as possible for your destination. Read out the following blog to find the details of the check-in through the several modes.

What are the American Airlines Flight Check-in Times?

Once you get the flight ticket with the airline, you don’t need any delay to understand the check-in time and guidelines. As per American Airlines’ check-in policy, complete the boarding pass within the given time period.

  • To get plenty of time in the flight check-in and clear the security lanes, reach the airport at least two hours prior to the international departure.
  • If you are traveling outside the US, arrive at the airport within three hours of the expected departure.
  • You must check the appropriate travel restrictions for your destinations and bring the eligible documents, if any.
  • Online flight check-in starts 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure and remains available upto 90-45 minutes ahead of the journey.

Timeline for Check-in Bags with American Airlines:

  • If you need to complete the check-in of your bags, you must be there at the airport upto 45 minutes before flying to your US destination.
  • So, to and outside the US, you must complete the bag check-in at least 60 minutes prior to the flight.

Keep in mind:

  • Airlines set the check-in and flight passengers’ arrival time to the flights operated by other carriers containing partners.
  • Use the curbside check-in to speed up the process.
  • You can’t check the bags 6 hours prior to the flying.

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Can I Check-in Online for American Airlines?

Yes, you can do the flight check-in online for your destination and obtain the boarding pass. Simply follow the given measures on check-in American Airlines flights online as per your needs and preferences.

  • To initiate, head to the American Airlines online site at www.aa.com.
  • Open the My Trips or check-in option to find the itinerary.
  • Provide the traveler’s last name and the flight reservation code.
  • See the list of reservations that you have booked with the airline.
  • Choose the flight you want to complete the check-in.
  • Open the menu section and choose the check-in option.
  • Select the seats, if any, and add the number of bags.
  • At last, add any necessary things, if any.
  • Pay for the check-in fees if eligible and complete the process.
  • American Airlines shares the boarding pass in your mail.

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Methods for American Airlines Flight Check-in:

Besides the online check-in, you can also perform some other options to acquire the boarding pass. So, look at the below methods to complete the same.

Kiosk Check-in:

The majority of the airports have curbside kiosk booths that you can use to do check-in. At there, just enter the confirmation code or flight number along with the traveler’s last name. With this, you can see the flight on the display. Simply follow the instructions and acquire the boarding pass in the mail.

Mobile App Check-in:

Although, you can download the American Airlines mobile app from their website to do the check-in. There, you need to log into your account and get the services accordingly. If you have the electronic ticket, you can also scan it from your phone for the same as the boarding pass.

Airport Check-in:

Also, you can reach the airline’s customer representative available at the relevant terminal of your flight. Provide the physical copy of your ticket and ask them to give you the boarding pass. They are available up to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure to help you in every situation possible.

At last

Undoubtedly, web check-in always saves time and efficiency to reach the terminal without any stress. But if you still face any problems, you can speak with the live representative and get their help. They are accessible in several options, such as phone, live chat, email, and social media. For the American Airlines check-in, call on the toll-free phone number at 800-433-7300 and hear the IVR instructions promptly. Once you are connected with the representative, you can ask them for the same.