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Military personnel makes uncountable sacrifices for the sake of nations and their citizens. Therefore, the world’s largest air carrier presents the American airlines military discount as a token of appreciation. 

If you are military personnel or a family member of them, then you can avail yourself discounts on bags, and domestic and international flight tickets. Such features come along with priority boarding. 

Read the subtopics to get the full benefits of the military discount scheme. 

Am I Eligible For a Military Discount on American Airlines?

The following can ask for a military discount under the VetRewards program of AA if they have a primary account as an:

  • Serving member of the military
  • A military retiree
  • Veteran personnel
  • Natural Guard member
  • Reservist

Following dependents can also take advantage of these benefits:

  • Spouse
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Son
  • Daughter.

Note: Dependents can get these discounts only when they have been added under the primary member account as a family member.

What Are The Perks Available In Military Discount Flights on American Airlines?

The Veterans Advantage program American is quite comprehensive. Hence, it would be best if you read about all the facilities you can get under this policy:

  • Firstly, all VetReward subscribers can buy endless discounted tickets for traveling in qualifying AA tickets.
  • Secondly, for instant verification of your military eligibility benefits, you have to sign up for VetRewards.
  • You are eligible for 10% off on main cabin fares on domestic and international flights.
  • Apart from savings on ticket fares, veterans and their family members are eligible for premium services and exclusive discounts from known travel facility providers.
  • Military personnel traveling on orders can take up to 5 bags free of charge. Also, members flying for personal reasons can carry up to 3 bags without paying extra on their flight. This rule has some terms and conditions that you should check out on the official website. 
  • Active-duty military members are given priority in boarding under group 1 along with other AAdvantage First members. Apart from that, they are provided free access to Admirals Lounge. 

Suppose you want to use the American airlines military discount promo code or any other such facility for the military. In that case, you must log into the Veterans Advantage portfolio from American Airlines.

What Are The Terms & Conditions For AA Military Discount?

You can avail military discount on American airlines only if you fulfill these requirements at AA.

  • Passengers can receive these discounts only when they have a Member ID issued from American Airlines.
  • You need to log in with the member ID to book your tickets on the official website for using the AA military discount.
  • American Airlines military discount is available only on US domestic flights, and global lights from the USA to Canada, Central America, Europe, Mexico, South America, Asia, and the Caribbeans.
  • After you’ve booked flights with discounted fares, AA may link all tickets of family members traveling on the same itinerary.
  • Passenger/ family member booking tickets under this scheme has to be equal to or older than 16 years old. 
  • Every family member has an individual Member ID. Hence, they need to book a separate reservation with their ID to make use of their discounted fare.

Military discount on American airlines for a domestic and international flight is up to 10%. Veterans and family members can get it by enrolling in VetRewards.

How Do I Book Tickets Under the Military Discount Scheme of AA?

You can book military discount tickets through both online and offline methods. Visit the Veterans Advantage section online to get a military discount on American airlines tickets. Here is how you can ask for this facility over a call:  

  • Firstly, dial the official customer assistance number of AA.
  • After that, the IVR will guide you toward a live American agent.
  • Talk to an American travel expert about your intention to receive this discount.
  • Furthermore, tell them about your destination, timings, dates, and veterans member ID of AA.
  • They will note down your details and suggest you suitable flights, original and discounted fares, and all other booking details.
  • Pay the fare and they will confirm your booking. You might need to pay a charge to avail of this service. 

Finally, you will receive notification of your bookings with AA.

AASky-Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines offer a military discount?

Yes, Indeed. It has a VetRewards program to thank all the military personnel for their selfless service to the nation. Such personnel can get up to 10% off on all international and domestic flights of American Airlines.

How much is a military discount on American flights?

Military discount flights American Airlines is available on bags, fare prices, boarding, and military dogs. The amount of discount may vary as per destination, but you can get up to 10% of discount on ticket prices.

How to apply for a military discount on AA flights?

Discount on American Airlines flights is available for both active duty and DOD civilian members. You have to call the booking service number to get this discount on tickets apart from finding out eligibility.

Does the military get free bags on American Airlines?

U.S. military personnel on active duty gets up to 5 complimentary checked bags. When traveling on personal business, military discount American airlines allow them to have 3 complimentary bags for free.