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American Airlines may cancel your flight anytime due to weather changes, trouble in the airplane, medical issues, etc. But when you get an American Airlines Travel Voucher against these cancellations, you should know how to use it effectively.

The AA issues vouchers when your flight is canceled or delayed. To use the voucher, you first have to redeem it from the airlines and later start using it at your convenience. Travelers can use them again to book flights for anyone on the airlines.

So, read more to learn how to make the best out of AA vouchers and what are different ways to redeem them! 

What is An American Airlines Travel Voucher?

A travel voucher is a travel credit offered by American Airlines. You can use American Airlines Travel Voucher for booking tickets in the future. Also, this voucher does not allow you to purchase additional things like bags and seats with this voucher.

Refer to this table to understand how American Airlines Travel Voucher differs from other AA travel credits.

Trip Credit
Flight Credit
Travel Voucher
What is it used for? Specifically, the remaining value passengers get from flight credit exchanges, refunds, and compensation.In particular, flight credits are issued against tickets canceled by the airlines/passengers/ or any booking tickets.Passengers can use them for future travel with AA. Likewise, it is valid for one year after its issuance.
How many can I redeem for one trip?You can use up to 8 credits for one booking. Please call the airline’s reservation number if you want to redeem credits for more than one passenger. You can use 1 flight credit for a single passenger. Hence, call American airlines’ phone number to book more passengers.Flyers can use up to 8 travel vouchers on every trip. 
When do AA travel credits expire? One year from the date of issue. Although, there might be exceptions if it is listed.Surely, you can use them to book flights for dates falling within one year of the issue.The travel voucher expires one year from the date of issue. 
When can I Use The travel voucher from American airlines? Passengers can use trip credits for international/ domestic flights that originate in the USA and are paid in US currency.

Also, usable for non-award bookings only.

Travelers can use flight credits for travel within the virgin islands, Puerto Rico, and the USA in US currency.

Also, usable for non-award bookings only.

Flyers can use them to book flights only. 
Who can use American travel credits?  

Only the trip credit holders can use them for booking AA travel.

Passengers with names on the flight credits are allowed to book tickets and travel.  

Travel voucher holders can also book travel for anyone at AA.

Note: You can’t use travel vouchers for other things like allotment of seats and extra baggage. Likewise, it goes for trip and flight credits as well. 

How to Redeem An Electronic Travel Voucher On American Airlines? 

You may get confused if you have received an American Airlines Travel Voucher for the first time. Hence, follow these steps to redeem your voucher fully:

  • Note that the airline sends an email with the link to your voucher. Firstly, click that link to see the available expiration date, PIN, and value.
  • When you are ready to book your flight using a travel voucher, visit the official website of American airlines.
  • After that, choose the flight you wish to book.
  • Finally, enter the voucher number and its PIN.

Lastly, remember that you have to use the travel voucher within one year of its date of issue.

How To Find The Value of AA Travel Credit?

Passengers usually receive an American Airlines Travel voucher information, including the Voucher number, in the email.  Typical email information about the trip credit looks like this: 

American travel voucher

  • You must look for this trip credit email in your account to find the credit details.
  • Then, you require a Trip Credit number of 13 digits starting with 00115.
  • Every add-on has a separate document, so you need to look for each email separately.
  • You can also check the value of this Travel voucher in your AAdvantage account wallet.
  • Passengers can also visit the Find Travel Credit value page on the AA website.
  • Here they need to provide their 13-digit trip credit or 19-digit travel voucher number.
  • The voucher number also has a 4-digit PIN.

Once you know the exact voucher balance, you can easily apply this value to future flights.

What is The Validity Period For The American Airlines Voucher?

Passengers with an AA travel voucher can use the value of this credit to book flights in the future or make any other purchases within 12 months of the date of issue. After that time, your voucher will expire and will not be applicable.

American Airlines does not have any scope of extension for this travel voucher at all. Passengers can only extend the value of their travel vouchers which were issued to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, to become eligible for that, you need to call American Airlines customer service agents and make the request for an extension.

Will I Get A Refund For My Used American Airlines Travel Voucher?

Do you wish to cancel your travel voucher flight booking? If you are wondering whether you will get a refund, you may not get any. The reason is simple; American Airlines had already issued that amount to you as a canceled flight credit. You can not get a refund of your voucher again. However, there are some situations that state otherwise. Let us take a closer look at your voucher refund options:

  • You can only cancel your American Airlines travel voucher and get a refund in case of significant reasons.
  • If the airline has canceled the flights, you can opt for a full cash refund and deny any travel voucher.
  • American Airlines refund policy also applies to your travel vouchers if your ticket qualifies for a refund on your Voucher purchase.
  • Passengers can get a full refund in case of the 24 hours cancellation policy benefits and they can request it in full cash.

You get a voucher in turn for ticket cancellations when you cancel your flights after 24 hours time. However, you can also choose to pay the penalties and take a cash refund instead.

How to Use American Airlines Paper Travel Vouchers? 

American Airlines provides paper travel vouchers to its global customers. In case you have one of them, use the following process to redeem it:

  • Firstly, mark your paper voucher’s PIN, amount, and expiry date.
  • After that, dial the IVR number that connects you with a live customer executive.
  • Also, inform them about your voucher, desired flight, destination, and other details.
  • Finally, they will book your tickets with the voucher successfully.

Dial the American Airlines customer phone number 800-433-7300 to get details of American airlines travel voucher rules from 24/7 live travel agents.

AASky-Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions

How do vouchers work for American Airlines?

American Airlines Travel Vouchers are issued to US residents to book flights. However, it doesn’t cover the cost of extras like bags and seat selection. Subsequently, it expires one year after it has been issued to the flyer.

Does American Airlines Give Vouchers For Canceled Flights?

Despite many cancellations in the past, AA continues to compensate its flyers with vouchers and credits. Whenever your ticket is non-refundable, you will get credits or a travel voucher for future bookings.

Why do Airlines Offer Vouchers to Switch Flights?

The travel voucher American airlines issued by the carrier when there are more flyers than available seats. Henceforth, whoever voluntarily gives up their seats is offered vouchers and credits as a reward for voluntarily giving up a seat.

How Do I Use A AA travel Voucher?

When an American issues a travel voucher, they send it to your registered email id. Therefore, to use the voucher, go to the official website and choose your AA flight. After that, visit the payments page and select other forms of payment.

Do American Travel Vouchers Expire?

Yes, Indeed. As per the American airlines travel voucher rules, travel vouchers expire one year after their issue date. Therefore, the passengers should use them as soon as possible to avoid waste of money.