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Do you have an upcoming American Airlines flight for a long-haul route? And, you are an internet geek, and you can’t stay away from your online life even for a minute! In that case, you may be wondering about American airlines wifi. You can find it in our article below.

American Airlines is a big name in the airline business, and therefore every passenger vouches for its excellent entertainment services. In addition, American Airlines offers different connectivity options on board. This makes your air travel interesting.

Also, you may have questions like how do you connect to Wi-Fi on AA flights? Each of these questions has been answered in our section below. So you can look forward to your exciting air travel reservations; meanwhile, American airlines inflight wifi will keep you entertained.

Does American Airlines Have Wi-Fi on Board? – A Thread

American Airlines offers an upgraded version of High-Speed Internet/Wi-Fi that you can purchase on select domestic flights. After that, you can freely browse the world wide web and check your emails. Or, you can enjoy non-stop streaming.

However, not all flights have a Wi-Fi service included. This means that you must check your boarding pass before departure to see what is included and what is not. So, before you try and purchase wifi on American airlines, you will have a clear idea of how it works!

How To Connect To American Airlines Wi-fi?

Once you have understood the importance of, you should know everything else about it. So the next step is to learn more about your network providers and how to connect.

AA currently has two connectivity options that vary depending on the provider you have selected. For example, AA offers Gogo 2Ku satellite internet on some of its flights. 

While the others have Viasat Wi-Fi, a Gogo subscription is much more affordable since you don’t need to pay an hourly rate or purchase daily internet passes. In short, you get to use American airlines wifi on planes at a very reasonable price.

In order to connect to American Airlines wifi, follow these key points:

Connect via Tablet or Phone

If you have an AA flight on the American airlines booking App and not any other partner flights, you can follow these steps on your phone to connect.

  • Please enable Airplane mode on your phone and connect with a Wi-Fi signal called AA-Inflight.
  • Suppose the page does not redirect you. In that case, you can open a browser.
  • After that, type aainflight.com and connect to Wi-Fi.

Connection Through a Laptop

  • Open your laptop, and choose Wifi signal as AA-Inlight.
  • Suppose that doesn’t open the connectivity page. There is no need to worry.
  • Reopen your web browser yourself and visit the aainflight.com website.

How to Get Free WiFi on American Airlines?

Unfortunately, American Airlines in-flight wifi is not available for free. You have to pay the fee to access Wifi on board. This is always available on board and you can use one of two methods to pay for the service.

You can Pay as You Fly.

You can access the AA website and purchase Wi-Fi service while flying with them. The service is available on most routes for as little as $10. In other words, there is no such thing as American airlines free wifi, and you are liable to pay a fee.

Get a Monthly Subscription.

Suppose you are a frequent flyer in AA. You can join the American Airlines Monthly Wi-Fi Subscription plan. You can purchase it for a single device at 49.95 USD per month. Or use Wi-Fi on two devices for just $59.95. Once you clear the American airlines wifi cost, you can enjoy wifi services onboard with American Airlines.

However, to purchase a monthly Wi-Fi plan:

  • First, you must be a member of the AAdvantage program.
  • OR Second, your email address must have been saved in your account.

In addition, you can stay connected to the world with this Wi-Fi service on board. And you can dial the American airlines Espanol team’s phone number for help. The agents will answer any of your queries. Let’s know more about it!

Wifi on Domestic Flights

You can access American Airlines Wi-Fi on all domestic flights to and from US cities operated by AA. Plus, you can purchase it before your flight or on board at your request.

Wifi on International Flights

If you want to access AA Wi-Fi on international flights, it is available on all Boeing 777-399 ER flights. However, you can only buy it after you’re on board instead of advance purchases.

Note: Each flight with an onboard American Airlines inflight wifi connectivity option allows you to access the AA website as a courtesy benefit. And you can easily access that to have all the benefits of streaming online.


You can purchase and use American Airlines wifi anytime you like as long as you are on their operated flights and the flight has wifi enabled.

This may end your anticipation about Wi-Fi on American Airlines? And how to benefit from it! Plus, you can even find your flight details with up-to-date Wi-Fi data for your air travel. Also, you can talk to our aviation experts to learn more about this service if you wish.

AASky-Tickets – Frequently Asked Questions

Does American Airlines Have Wi-Fi for Free?

No, American Airlines wifi is not for free. They have inflight wifi options that will let you stay connected onboard to the life down there. However, you can not get it for free. Also, the Domestic Wi-fi service is almost available on all US flights by AA.

Does American Airlines Have Good Wi-Fi?

American Airlines has GoGo connection which means the consumer has to pay for the service he uses. However, the airline does a good speed. You may not get it for free, but it’s still running internet at 550 miles high.

How do I Know If My Flight has Wi-Fi?

Do you want to purchase a ticket based on the fact that your airline has wifi on board? In that case, when you search, try to check the inflight entertainment and amenities section of the said airline. You will see whether the airline has an inflight service available or not. For American Airlines, you can check their entertainment and add-ons section while booking.