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Are you able to find an American Airlines record locator? If not, learn about the ways to get the same without any complications.

American Airlines is one of the significant airlines in the world, operating flights to over 350 routes. Moreover, the airline is deported in Fort Worth and Texas and serves numerous in-flight services. You can make flight reservations and upgrades and get the record locator with much ease on the official site or app. Otherwise, you can contact the team and seek immediate assistance from the experts when needed the most.

What is The American Airlines Record Locator?

The airline issues a record locator, an alphanumeric in the aviation industry, to identify a particular record. Once you book flight tickets, the system automatically generates a unique record locator. The record locator will appear on the email confirmation of every passenger’s ticket in your flight booking.

Moreover, an itinerary is marked in the reservation system, commonly named a Passenger Name Record (PNR). It may be entered by a passenger, travel representative, or airline employee. In addition, a record locator reflected on the itinerary is described as a confirmation number and booking number. It also includes a confirmation code, booking reference, code, or vendor locator.

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How to Find an American Airlines Record Locater?

Travelers who have booked American Airlines Tickets can easily find a flight record locator online within a few clicks. If you want to find out the locator, follow the below steps.

  • To find a record locator, navigate the flight booking reference you have received at the time of airfare purchase. After that, the team will send the booking reference through an email for future use. Once you complete the booking, the airline will immediately send the ticket reference code of six digits.
  • You need to visit the airline’s official site and click on the “My Trips or Check-in” section.
  • In case you have made an account with American Airlines, log into your account using your credentials.
  • Next, enter your name and the ticket confirmation number on the specific fields.
  • Afterward, click on the Find Reservation button to receive an American Airlines record locator.
  • Now hit the Find Reservation button. Then you will have the airline’s specific record locator placed at the left corner of the page.
  • You can manage a flight reservation and check if the seats are available for booking.

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Find Your Trip on American Airlines

Keeping track of a flight reservation is important to see if the ticket is fully or partially booked. If you have booked American Airlines tickets and want to find your trip, follow the below steps.

  • First of all, fill in the passenger’s first and then last name on the required fields.
  • Second, mention the American Airlines record locator number of six digits. For instance, JCQNHD.
  • Moreover, you can start searching for your trip by giving the flight ticket number, like 00 1234567890. Most importantly, the number should match the passenger’s name.
  • In the final step, click on the “Find your Trip” button.
  • The next page will show you the status of your flight booking. If you want to make any changes, go to the manage booking tab and make the necessary upgrades.

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Where Can I Find My Flight Ticket number on American Airlines?

A ticket number is 13 characters long and also features an airline code. Moreover, the ticket number is the last ten digits, and one has to remember the number. Most importantly, there are separate ticket numbers for extra upgrades, including seats, bags, and other airfare services. Moreover, you can find your flight ticket number through three sources on American Airlines. It includes,

  • Confirmation email and receipt at the end of the email under the “Receipt” tab.
  • Receipt from the Airport or area’s ticket office in the middle of the flight ticket.
  • Credit card statement

How do I Track My Flight Without an American Airlines Flights Record Locator?

Suppose you don’t have an account made with American Airlines and the locator number. In that case, you can reach out to the booking team and request them to find your reservation. After that, the team member will provide you with the American Airlines flight record locator. Consequently, you can enter the confirmation code of six digits and keep track of your flight reservation.

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Difference Between The Record Locator and The Flight Number

You may be thinking if the record locator and the flight number are the same. However, the flight number is linked with the travel provider or the booking site where you make a ticket purchase. On the other hand, the record locator is the unique reservation number interlinked with the Global Distribution System (GDS).

To know more about the record locator American Airlines, reach out to the customer service team. Moreover, dial the toll-free helpline number, and an expert will assist you completely.